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[Project] 3D Hexagon Wall sticker for bathroom

When you want to impact and beauty for your basic wall, 3D wall sticker are great options to achieve this. Using 3D wall stickers will transform the wall space into a special art feature as well as be decorative. This is an example of using a 3D wall sticker for a bathroom wall based on our real installation project.

Bathroom Wall before installation

Looks boring, and not very stylish

With urethane coating is resistant to mixture and contamination so it's safe to place it on a wet area like kitchen or bathroom

Bathroom Wall after installation

Excellent gloss and 3-dimensional effect with a urethane finishing layer

The tiles reflect objects clearly

So, what are you waiting for? Let’s transform your boring wall with a 3D wall sticker. You can easily DIY on your home. But if you don’t have time, we also provide an installation service with an additional fee. and if you have any further questions about installing our product, please reach us on Instagram , or you can send your question to email: 


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