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DEKOREA Bathroom Transformation

Cozy, modern and luxurious installation

Bathroom & Toilet Transformation

If you’re feel bored with your bathroom or have been dreaming about having hotel-like type of modern bathroom, we can help you to transform your bathroom instantly. Whether it’s too cluttered, old school, even dirty wall and floor there are so many design and  ideas that we can help you to transform your bathroom with affordable price in Singapore

Feel the high-end modern
a Luxurious Bathroom in Your House

achieve the opulence of a high-end expensive spa or a luxurious boutique hotel right in the comfort of your bathroom.

Bathroom Laminate Sticker

DeKorea can apply laminate stickers to the washstand surface. You don't need to worry about damage due to splashes or moisture get trapped in you bathroom or toilet. The stickers are water-resistant and long-lasting, making them suitable for high activity bathroom environments. 


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