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Create Color Tone for Your Home by Inspiring the New Jeans Powerpuff Girl Palette

Do you want to have a house with the same color tone as the New Jeans and Powerpuff Girls collaboration? Here you will find the color for your room design ideas.

New Jeans consists of 5 young women who debuted on July 22, 2022, with the single song Attention. New Jeans is a K-pop girl group that is quite popular with a variety of easy-listening songs for us to enjoy. Currently, New Jeans has a new summer special album in collaboration with the Powerpuff Girls.

Who doesn't know this legendary cartoon with 3 character superpowers of different colors? This collaboration shows a different appearance for each member of New Jeans.

They created characters and personalities that matched the color tones of the Powerpuff Girls. You can also check this article to add trendy color references for your home. See and keep scrolling for more information! 

What is the Color Tone?

Determining the color for your room is confusing, isn't it? The various colors themselves are called hues which are bright basic colors.

However, the use of color hue in interior design makes the room too flashy and contrasting. Therefore, you can use a color palette with a different tone for your interior design.

Color tone is a hue color that is achieved by adding a little white and black to determine the desired contrast. 

You can create color tones by knowing what color you want and determining what kind of contrast is needed.

We provide a variety of color inspiration from the collaboration of New Jeans and Powerpuff Girl. You can create color shades with this palette to make it look more aesthetically pleasing using the color contrast you have.

Choose Your Favorite Color Tone!

With this collaboration adjusted to the number of New Jeans members, the Powerpuff girl added 2 characters to match the colors that suit each member.

You can choose the favorite color of each member with the color tone that suits your home condition, so you can still adjust the color inspiration from New Jeans. Check the colors here!

1. Haerin ( Green)

Green by Haerin symbolizes serenity, peace, and freshness.

The pure green color for your room must be very dazzling. Therefore, by using the color tone principle you can change your design ideas to be more attractive.

Using a green color tone makes your home look close to nature because it displays a calming earth color for you. You can use it by adding a wood accent pattern to your room like furniture.

You can adjust the various tones of green to your liking and experiment with combining them to make it even more stunning.

2. Danielle (Yellow)

Yellow by Danielle symbolizes happiness, optimism, and creativity.

The yellow color for your home provides a fairly bright contrast, but you can display an aesthetic pattern if you adjust it properly. Like you combine it with several other dark colors to balance the appearance of this yellow color tone.

With your home that does not get maximum sunlight, this color will suit your home needs.

3. Hanni (Pink)

Pink by Hanni symbolizes romance, tenderness, love, firmness, and cheerfulness.

This look is perfect for those of you who want to carry a feminine theme for home. You can also add a painted accent wall molding by combining a variety of suitable colors to provide maximum focal point.

By combining pink as a base color and black as an accent, this room will look amazing with a bold and masculine style. So, various pink colors can not only be used by women, but men can also use it to show their assertiveness.

Pink with a color tone that you can adjust will make the room look beautiful and not too flashy, because pink gives a calm and friendly impression.

4. Hyein (Purple)

Purple by Hyein symbolizes purity of heart, cleanliness of heart, and high morals.

Basically, the purple color makes the room look luxurious and elegant which is based on the past kingdoms that used purple only for nobles.

The purple color for your home will feature a glamorous look combined with other furniture. However, with current color developments, it displays a variety of purple color tones that you can match to your home's theme needs.

Like the soft purple color combined with other soft colors, it will form an aesthetic and cheerful room appearance.

5. Minji (Blue)

Blue by Minji symbolizes trust and loyalty.

The blue color for a room is definitely not a common thing to do with neutral colors and looks cool. Blue is a fairly trendy color for you to use, like the various blue color tones that you can combine with other blue colors to create a unique and attractive feeling.

The blue color indicated by the color of water such as sea and beach gives a calm impression. This color scheme will give your home a modern and relaxed look.

Find the Best Paint for Your Color Tone in Singapore!

After knowing the inspiration color palette from collaboration New Jeans and powerpuff Girl, are you interested in trying it? This color will form a beautiful and brilliant room if you are good at adjusting it.

These beautiful colors will form a room that looks interesting and fun for you. You can also support the appearance of the interior design with this color tones and variety of wall decoration.

With the coloring that you also match the furniture or wall decorations, it will also make the room come alive. 

Color tone has a variety of shades that you can find and customize. However, coloring does not use the best materials, it will make the room look not giving good results.

Therefore, besides thinking about the appearance of the design, you also have to pay attention to use premium materials. With water-based paint, it will make your room show clear and soft coloring results.

Dekorea makes it easy for you to choose the various types of colors you want, such as the color palette that you can adjust with this collaboration of New Jeans and Powerpuff Girl.

So what are you waiting for? Check the Dekorea website and contact us immediately.


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