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[Project] Bring a Sense in Different Personality Types to Your Bathroom

Your home should be more than just a place to live. It's a space where you can relax and enjoy the benefits of living in your own special environment.

The interior design trend has been around for years, but that doesn't mean there are no new ideas out there. Many homeowners are looking for the right way to make their house feel like home. Especially for decorating bathrooms in different personality types of the member.

Many designs that you can use as inspiration to decorate your bathroom. But do you know the right design for your bathroom? In this article, we will look at some tips on how to make your bathroom feel like your own style and personality!

Different Personality Types to Bathroom Flooring

A bathroom has to be a place where you feel comfortable and relaxed. Having a bit of personality in the space is not only fun but also helps to relieve stress.

The way your bathroom looks can either be a source of inspiration or a zone to be left alone. Flooring is one of the main ways to add personality to your bathroom. A well-thought-out flooring choice can be a way to bring a sense of different personality style into your bathrooms.

You can try first from the bathroom flooring.

Different types of flooring are available in the market, ranging from stone and tile to marble and natural stone. Along with these flooring options, there are also different types of tiles for various purposes.

However, actually, there is flooring for your bathroom that eye-catching but also can protect you from slippery. For example vinyl flooring.

Vinyl flooring made of PVC that is popular to use recently. This floor is easy to use, and has many designs that look like a hardwood floor. Moreover, it's affordable and doesn't need much maintenance.

DIY Projects You Can Do in The Bathroom

Sometimes, getting a design for your bathroom might be difficult. You might not be able to choose the most interesting toilet or sink, and you might not have the creativity to think of something that would just complete it.

However, there are some simple DIY projects that can add an interesting twist to your toilet flooring by transforming it into something totally different.

Here are some examples of projects you can do in your toilet floor cover:

- Choose a theme for your bathroom. For example,  if you’re an introvert person, you will maximize your space to make you enjoy it. So, you can choose flooring with your favorite ornament. Such as, Japanese theme.

- Install flooring. Flooring is one of the easiest things to do in a new space, and they last much longer than wallpaper! You can choose to decorate flooring that can protect you, is resistant to water, and also durable. Take a look at this Dekorea project for flooring.

In the first photo, the floor of the bathroom looks less sense of style and personality, probably whoever is in that bathroom will feel bored and minim for relaxation.

However, after the homeowner asks Dekorea team to change the little look of the bathroom, look at the result. The bathroom looks more stunning and trendy. By bringing a sense of style and personality to the homeowner as well, you will feel more comfortable and relaxed when you spend time there.

Beside that, for a cabinet in a wet area, you also can add decoration for it.
You can choose laminate stickers that also have many designs and variants. It also can help you to find a favorite pattern for different personality types. Moreover, these stickers are also waterproof so it can be durable and long lasting even in wet areas.

Add Color with Plants & Flowers in The Bathroom

Color is one of the important aspects that make a room feel alive. For an everyday room, adding plants & flowers to the bathroom can be a great way to add color and variety to the space.

Plants and flowers for the bathroom provide both aesthetic appeal and health benefits. Not only do they increase the ambiance of the room, but also release oxygen from plant leaves.

In some instances, plants and flowers can serve as "personal assistants" because they help to reduce stress by releasing a calming effect. Some plants & flowers for the bathroom are also good at purifying the air, like mint or lavender.

So if these are your favorite scents in your house, they're a good addition to your bathroom. Take a look at the benefits of plants in indoor rooms for more information.

No Time? How To Update your Bathroom with Decorative Accents

You cannot have a home without a bathroom and it is just as important to organize, especially when you have limited time. Dekorea teams can come in and help you with your minimalist home decor.

Dekorea is the leading flooring specialist offering many choices of flooring located in Singapore.

We are known for home decor that helps homeowners create space for luxury and relaxation within their homes. We offer our services to help you update your bathroom on a budget. From finding the flooring that suits your bathroom and personality to installing the flooring our teams will help you.

So, what are you waiting for? Let's take contact us to discuss and make your bathroom more style!


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