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Fluted Wood Panels: New Inspiration to Decorate Ceiling

Fluted panel wall is a decoration that is common to use at home, hotel lobbies, and cafes.

In recent years, many stores offer decorative fluted panels made from metal, PVC and the most popular choice is wood. Fluted wood panels become popular because they offer a timeless decoration and warm appeal.

Moreover, when it is installed at home, it can blend with the natural beauty of wood with an interior theme.

Depending on the design and installation, fluted wood panels can also contribute to improved acoustics in a space by helping to absorb sound. This makes them suitable for environments where noise control is a consideration.

From these many benefits of fluted panel wood, do you know if fluted wood panels are not only used for walls, but can be used to decorate your ceiling? How come? Is it easy to use? How about the maintenance?

For more information about fluted wood panels, keep scrolling!

Not Only For Wall, Fluted Panel Suitable for Ceiling

Probably you are familiar with using wood panels for decoration, even if you have it in your home.

However, few people know if fluted wall panels can actually be used for ceiling decoration.

When you decorate your home, don't skip your ceiling area. Even if you have a well-designed concept for wall, flooring, accessories, your ceiling is also an important part of your home that you can maximize.

You can try to use fluted wood panels.

As you know, a fluted panel feature wall can be a TV feature wall, camouflage door, and another.

There are countless ideas for wall decorations. So, why don’t you try to decorate your ceiling? Having a stunning ceiling also makes your room look different.

However, how to decorate the ceiling with a fluted wood panel? You can try it like decorating your wall!

Ideas to Use Fluted Wood Panel

Elevate your design game to the next level with fluted wood panels, transcending traditional boundaries and infusing warmth into every space.

For adding a more stunning look of home by fluted wood panels ceiling decoration, you can explore any ideas for it.

Here are ideas that you can try to ceiling decoration: 

Look at The Suitable Pattern

The first idea that you can try for ceiling decoration is to choose a fluted panel pattern that is suitable with your theme interior.

There are so many patterns of fluted wood panels that you can choose.

From warm wood color to different color patterns, there is something you can try.

Considering the theme of your home with patterns that will be used are important steps to create your atmosphere.

In this step, you also need more exploration and research before making a purchase.

If you need references for interior decoration or how to install something, you visit DeKorea blog for references.


Then, the next idea that you can try is painting the fluted panel. Yep, a fluted panel can be painted.

To paint it, you can choose the original color panel then you can paint it with the color you want.

It’s important to choose paintings that use high quality material to get durable and longlife color for the panel. 

Also, you need a paint that covers the surface perfectly and is odorless.

Keep in mind that although panels can serve a decorative purpose, they should not be used in a way that negatively affects the overall ambiance of the room.

Moreover, you have kids or you will install it for the kids area as well. You need a paint that is safe for kids, and antibacterial as well.

If you are confused, take a look at this K paint.

Integrating with Lighting

Are you confused if you use a fluted wood panel for ceiling decoration, where the lighting will be put? Or which types of lighting are suitable for it? Easy!

You can try integrating a wood panel with lighting for it.

There are many ideas that you can try to integrate it. For example, You can use linear ceiling design then incorporate recessed LED strip lights.

Next, maybe you can try a pendant light or spotlight to highlight your ceiling. Then, trying to combine coves or contrasting colors.

Also, you can try to suspend decorative pendant lights or clusters of pendant lights through openings in the fluted wood panels.

It adds both functional lighting and an artistic element to the ceiling.

Don’t worry, using these ideas also make your home more stunning and sophisticated.

Of course in a good plan and choose the right material for each element that you will use. So, consider it and let's try! 


Actually, using fluted wood panels not only for walls, you can use ceiling decoration that make your home look different, more stunning and have a sophisticated ambiance.

There are many ideas that you can try to decorate it with your suitable theme. However, don’t forget to keep products with high quality material.

To make your home maximal, it also can be used for a long time.

DeKorea offers fluted panel Singapore in high quality material, good finishing, offers many patterns and the important thing is that you can get it at an affordable price.

Moreover, we offer fluted panel installation that makes installing in your home perfect. With professional experience, ensure the result will be more perfect.

Let’s choose DeKore that offers the best fluted wall panel in Singapore for decorating your home, today!


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