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[Project] Hidden Door for Decorating Modern Lobby Interior with Fluted Panel

A lobby with a door leading to the back office is a good option for a restaurant lobby. From the front, your customer will make a transaction.

And when you want to go out to deliver the food, you need some hidden door to make you go out. Fluted Panel is the best option for your secret hidden door. So your lobby wall space still looks beautiful.

Today’s blog will share an example of using a hidden door with our Korea top-quality fluted panel based on one of our best projects!

A trendy design for an interior space is one with a hidden door. People often think it is "doorless" because it has no handles, door frames, or keyholes.

A hidden door has three main functions: to create private space, to separate spaces, and to highlight decorative functions. With our Korea Fluted Panel, you can get the best way to improve how things look.

Installation Process

We will first discuss and plan the wall design for the installation process according to your needs. After that, we must clean up the residual dust and dirt before the installation.

Also, we need to measure the wall and mark where we will attach the fluted panel. And then, we will install it on your wall according to the design plan. The finishing part is we will do a finishing touch to the wall to make sure your wall looks amazing~

Modernize your lobby by putting fluted panels behind your reception desk. It's also a subtle way to show guests where to go in the lobby.

Overall, the fluted panels give your reception area more texture and color without making it look less professional. When your guests walk in the door, you must give them an excellent first impression with a fluted wall panel so your guests don't feel too busy or buried in decorations.


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