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[Project] Restaurant with Concrete Wallpaper

Choosing the best interior design for your restaurant is a little bit challenging. One of them is selecting a suitable wallpaper. You can use bright, playful colors representing vegetables and foods with saturated colors. These include greens, oranges, nude shades, and sometimes even salmon hues. This is an example of using concrete beige color for a restaurant wall using concrete wallpaper based on our real project.

Restaurant before using Concrete Wallpaper 

Installation process

You can easily DIY our wallpaper. But if you don’t have much time, we also provide an installation service for an additional fee. 

Restaurant after using Concrete Wallpaper 

The restaurant looks very nice and has a new vibe after using concrete wallpaper. A light color palette is often used to make a smaller room look bigger. 

Additionally, light colors evoke a leisurely and relaxing atmosphere, which makes them an excellent choice for upscale restaurants and cafes.

Add plant to make your restaurant looks alive


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