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5 Tips to Make Boutique Hotel Interior Design More Classy

Boutique hotels are becoming quite popular nowadays because they create an exclusive and more intimate atmosphere because available rooms are limited.

Boutique hotels themselves have a small capacity with under a hundred rooms. This boutique concept began in the 1980s in large European and American cities.

Boutique hotel interior design has a unique concept and is different from hotels in general. Because they only accommodate a few people, boutique hotels are an option for looking for tranquility, intimacy, and privacy.

Moreover, you will feel more comfortable because you get more detailed attention and service.

One of the defining characteristics of boutique hotels is their distinct and often eclectic design. Unlike larger chain hotels, boutique establishments prioritize individuality, combining local artistry with global influences.

Singapore, with its rich history and multicultural heritage, offers a perfect canvas for boutique hotels to express their creativity.

From restored colonial-era shophouses to futuristic, cutting-edge designs, these hotels celebrate Singapore's diversity and culture through their interiors.

Transform Your Boutique Hotel Interior Design!

Apart from providing personalized service, one way to make your customers feel they are worth the price you offer is to improve the appearance of the interior.

Interior design is able to create both visually appealing and reflective of the local culture or theme.

Below, we will help you get inspiration to add essence to the interior design of your boutique hotel, so that guests feel it is worth the price.

1. Give a Frame to Your Hotel Wall

Wainscoting is a wall decoration that can add an expensive impression to your hotel boutique. Wainscoting or wall molding is panel art made of wood or plastic.

If you are confused about your boutique hotel interior design or feel it is not luxurious enough, this wall panel is the solution.

Wainscoting will upgrade the walls with a distinctive European style and transform the room with an impressive visual focus. The rooms will feel more flexible and less boring. You can also use it for a long time, because it will make the design timeless.

2. Impressive Hidden Room Concept 

The hidden concept in the room gives the impression that the hotel looks attractive and modern. You can use fluted panels as a concept design to provide a sophisticated accent to the hotel.

Fluted panels, as a wall art, can install in various places, such as doors, walls, or use as partitions in rooms. Fluted panels will hide the appearance of your walls or doors with warm and beautiful wood accents.

Your boutique hotel will feel more trendy and popular with these wall panels.

3. Wallpaper to Support the Concept Theme  

Wallpaper is a decoration that adds a luxurious and beautiful impression to the interior design of your boutique hotel. Wallpaper gives an impression that adds to the realism of the theme.

Given the right pattern, it will add artistry to the hotel. Wallpaper will also make hotel expenses more affordable, because the pattern stands out to give a charming impression.

Apart from the pattern design, wallpaper is an option because it is easy to install and maintain.

4. Right Floor Pattern 

Flooring is a quick way to change the appearance of a room. Boutique hotels will become more intimate and inviting with the right floor pattern.

They provide an opportunity to add depth, dimension and visual interest to a space. Even choosing a floor pattern can make a small boutique hotel feel spacious.

Floor pattern can serve as a powerful tool to express and strengthen a hotel's brand image.

For example, a boutique hotel with a nature-inspired theme might incorporate organic pattern or florals into its floor design, creating a connection with the surrounding environment.

5. Carpet Tiles for Comfortable Floors

In various hotels, you can find floors that use carpet to provide a more comfortable walking sensation.

Usually, hotel carpet patterns tend to be monotonous and not innovate. However, you can provide a different appearance from other hotels by using carpet tiles.

Carpet tiles have a different installation from ordinary carpets, with a lay system that makes it easier to adjust to the desired pattern. We can install it according to the pattern we want.

Carpet tiles have a soft surface, which can reduce the risk of injury to guests who fall. You can install it in various places, such as playgrounds, hotel lobbies, or hotel rooms.

Find the Best Boutique Hotel Interior Design Ideas in Singapore!

The best boutique hotel interior design will provide an impressive experience to its customers. Boutique hotels usually often offer out of the box designs.

You can add various decorations to make the hotel concept look more stand out and classy, such as wall panels, more comfortable floor decorations with the right pattern, or wallpaper for a more artistic impression.

Boutique hotels also have to use quality decorations to add a luxurious essence.

Don't worry! Dekorea has a variety of the best decorations to add more attractive essence of your boutique hotel. Various decorations with the best materials are here.

You also don't need to spend a lot of money and effort by replacing the appearance of the decoration with expensive original material. So, are you interested in creating the best interior design for boutique hotels? Visit the Dekorea website and contact us.


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