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[Project] Toilet Door Laminate with Infeel Laminate Sticker

Are you bored with your basic and old toilet door? Do you want to change the theme of your home but are still confused about choosing the right door design? Do you want to install with a door sticker but are afraid of being wet and easily broken? Do not worry, because we have a solution for your problem~ with Infeel Laminate Sticker, you can easily transform your door into a brand new door. This is a reference for you who want to change your toilet door but still hesitate to choose the right design based on our door laminate installation project with wood design Infeel Laminate Sticker.

Toilet door before using Infeel Laminate

It looks plain and old

You can easily install the door laminate by yourself in your home. All you need are scissors, Hand gloves, a cutter, and a hair dryer to bend around a round area. But if you don’t have time to install it, we also have an installation service with an extra fee.

Toilet door after using Infeel Laminate


The door looks like a brand new wood door.

You can install it on your both side of your door.

The detail of the wood design is realistic with a wood texture.

Our Infeel laminate sticker has many benefits, such as being scratch-resistant, water-resistant, and easy to clean up. So, you don't have to worry about installing it in your wet area. And not only for the door, but Infeel Laminate Sticker can also be installed on furniture like wardrobe, kitchen cabinet, even a wallpaper. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s DIY your home interior with Dekorea~


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