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Exploring the Benefits of 3D Foam Wallpaper for Realistic Appearance

3D foam wallpaper as a substitute for wall panels is one of the right solutions to create a more attractive appearance at home. The wall panels that are widely used are made from wood, but they are quite difficult to maintain.

Maintaining wood wall panels without paying attention to room conditions and special care will cause bacteria, mold, and rot. This can endanger the family's health and be expensive for maintenance or renovation.

When you consider wall coverings that combine aesthetics with practicality, don't overlook the advantages of 3D foam wallpaper. It may be the perfect solution for your room.

Installing 3D foam wallpaper is almost the same as other wallpaper. You can easily arrange and paste as you wish. You can easily arrange and paste as you wish.

3D foam wallpaper has a thickness that is able to protect the wall from impact. Therefore, this 3D foam wallpaper wood pad is also called a wall panel because it is quite thick, but more flexible than general materials such as MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard), wood, or gypsum.

If you are interested in sticking with wall panels, know more about their definitions, benefits, and types.

3D Foam Wallpaper for Your Decoration Ideas

3D foam wallpaper is emerging as a versatile, beautiful, and innovative alternative. Apart from paying attention to its beauty, you should know whether its benefits suit your needs.

With a unique blend of aesthetics and functionality, 3D foam wallpaper offers a variety of incredible benefits. Its textured surface adds depth and dimension, creating an enthralling experience.

Below, you can find out the reasons for choosing 3D foam wallpaper for a room.

1. Easy Installation

3D foam wallpaper has an easy-to-install construction with self-adhesive glue that sticks directly to the wall so you can install it yourself.

Easy installation and instant results to change the old style of your room to a new look. Foam wallpaper has its own size, but you can adjust it according to your needs by cutting it using scissors or a cutter.

With this wallpaper you also don't need to use expensive craftsmen. You can immediately get the beauty of realistic wood panels with this 3D foam wallpaper.

2. Heat Insulation Effect

The size of the 3D foam wallpaper is thick enough to block hot weather in summer and extreme cold weather in winter.

With its size it will help to neutralize the air temperature which is good for your room, so you can feel more comfortable. The 3D foam texture also has a heat insulation effect that will emphasize good dew condensation. 

3. Mold Prevention and Non-Toxic Materials

With increasing interest in sustainable and healthy living, it is important to consider the type and material of wallpaper, especially in terms of mold prevention and use of non-toxic materials.

Some wallpapers contain organic compounds that can emit gasses from the wallpaper, causing poor indoor air quality.

Manufacturers are increasingly using these compound-free inks and adhesive 3D foam wallpapers production, releasing harmful substances into the air and good for your family's health.

4. Sound Proof

This 3D foam wall stickers are also soundproof. The PE cushion texture of this wallpaper minimizes noise, making it an excellent choice for both residential and commercial applications.

With its airtight ability, this wallpaper is suitable for the baby's room so they don't wake up with activities that are easy to startle.

5. Waterproof and Fireproof

This 3D foam wallpaper is made from material that has safe water and fire repellent properties. This wallpaper material is easy to maintain because it does not leave stains that can be cleaned by wiping with a damp cloth.

You also don't need to worry about installing it in your kitchen which is easily exposed to water splashes because it is made of water-resistant material and is also fire-resistant if installed close to your stove.

Let's Try 3D Foam Wallpaper for Your Home!

Apart from wood patterns, 3D foam wallpapers also have other patterns, such as realistic bricks. Foam brick wallpaper can also replace the appearance of real bricks, which are quite expensive.

Therefore, 3D foam wallpaper has become a popular solution for multifunctional wall coverings. Easy maintenance at an affordable price is the choice.

This foam wallpaper is also suitable for use in children's playrooms because its thickness will reduce the risk of injury due to impact, making parents feel safer.

The Bakuta wood panel cushion from Dekorea is made from the best materials for you to use and will not damage your walls. The glue used will also not leave marks on the wall after removable, but will still be strong if you want to use it for a long time.

Choosing the best material for 3D foam wallpaper is necessary, so that you can make your home more comfortable and reduce the risk of wall damage.

Dekorea is the right choice to get the best 3D foam wallpaper with a realistic wall panel impression. So what are you waiting for? Get wallpaper that changes the atmosphere of a room instantly and is multifunctional. Visit our website and contact us directly.


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