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[Project] Decorate a Brick Wall for a Living Room with 3D Brick Wall

3D brick wall panels can be used anywhere from homes to offices and for any other personal or commercial settings to amplify the place's beauty simply and elegantly. This is an example of using 3D brick wall panels as a wall decoration in the home based on our project.

Wall before 3D Brick Wall installation

It looks like a boring wall.

Wall after 3D Brick Wall installation

The detail is like a real brick with low cost but still feels luxury interior effect when applied to your wall.

The brick wall is aligned nicely between each block. You also can use white color silicone past on top of the line. So the line looks more like a natural stone.

You can have your brick wall decoration that easily~ what are you waiting for? Let’s DIY your home with Dekorea~


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