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[Project] Easy and Affordable: Bathroom Decor Ideas to Transform yours

Do you feel bored with your design bathroom now? Do you want to change your bathroom design to feel more relaxing? Comfortable? And also look like new? But are you confused about how to find the suitable design for your bathroom?

Don't worry, we have a solution to help you find the suit suitable design for your bathroom from this reference.

Based on the Dekorea project, it will work to inspire you all!

How to Use Bathroom Decor to Create a Fresh and Inviting Space

Using bathroom decor to create a fresh and inviting space can transform your bathroom into a pleasant and relaxing environment. However, using bathroom decor needs to consider several things that you need to pay attention to create perfect DIY bathroom decorations. Here we go!

1. First, you need to select a color scheme that promotes a fresh and inviting ambiance. 

2. Then, declutter your bathroom to create a clean and serene space. 

3. Before you add decoration, you need to think about the suitable design for your bathroom. For example, you have a small bathroom, and you want to make your bathroom look specious. You need to use light color for walls and (if you want) use paintings that have a small pattern and are not overwhelming.

4. Also, when you search about decoration, you can compare the price in the same quality or maybe the same kind of the product. It can help you to minimize your budget decoration, but can look luxurious. Like using laminate stickers for your bathroom walls.

5. Last, use the right product! If you want stunning and comfortable, but also safe and durable bathroom items: Dekorea is the best choice for you.

Most Popular Bathroom Decor Trends

In Singapore, there are several bathroom designs that trend and increase fans every year such as from modern bathroom design, luxury to contemporary bathrooms design.

However, many people also decide to choose to use minimalist design for their bathroom, especially if they have a small bathroom or sure to happily use minimalist design.

Minimalist bathrooms like clean lines, simple color palettes, and uncluttered spaces were special.

The focus is on functionality and creating a calm atmosphere using minimal decorative elements. Moreover, a minimalist bathroom can create more relaxation and enjoyment.

DIY Projects That You Can Use To Spruce Up Your Bathroom


For example this bathroom. As you can see, this small bathroom looks ordinary, no special, and there is dirt in the entrance. If you are a homeowner, what will you do? Of course, decorate that!

You can decorate this bathroom on the wall and floor with trendy wallpaper or laminate stickers, and cushions floor. However, before it, you need to know what the design that you want? You want to make this bathroom like what?

Don't worry! If you are confused you can discuss it with Dekorea team. The Dekorea team will help you to find suitable decorations that you want and need. Besides that, we also can help you to upgrade your bathroom to look more beautiful and comfortable.


Take a look at these pictures. Do you notice the difference? Not much change but it works to make you comfortable when you are in the bathroom. Also, your bathroom will look more clean and luxurious.

Look at the details! Our team will help to install it and pay attention more to each detail. It's a great choice for busy people, who don't have time to decorate your home. You only need to call our team and we will help you to finish it all. It's an easy and quick DIY project which the Dekorea team handles for the bathroom.

If you want to see more about our project, you can visit our blog website as well!

How to Choose the Right Wallpaper & Flooring For Your Bathroom

It's also important if you want to choose the right wallpaper and flooring for your bathroom. Because the bathroom is a wet area, you must use wallpaper and flooring that is resistant to water, mold and bacteria. 

In Dekorea, we also offer decoration products for the bathroom.

We have wallpaper such as interior film lamination which is made from water-resistant material and cushion flooring that is resistant to water, mold, and bacteria. It's highly recommended if you want to upgrade your bathroom and protect your family as well.

Our product uses high quality material, so it's trusted to use for a long time and is durable. Also, it's easy to maintain and the important thing is affordable prices. Apart from homes, transformation using laminate stickers and cushion floors is also important for commercial areas such as hotels.

If you are carrying out hotel renovations by changing the appearance of the bathroom or toilet to make it more attractive with instant installation and a low budget, Dekorea is the solution. 

You will give your hotel an impressive renewal if you use this interior lamination film. Apart from hotels, it is also suitable for installing it in restaurants, offices and schools.


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