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[Project] Flooring Installation: It’s Time to Change your Floor with Cushion Floor

Using decoration floors is a must to make your home design perfect. Not only walls but also flooring including your design so that match each other. However, common people don’t mind decorating their floors. They only use ceramic floors with neutral colors to look match the wall decor. In fact, it’s not maximized for your design home.

Recently, maximizing interior design is easy. Especially for the floor. Many designs and materials for decoration floor you can try. But do you know the kind of decoration floor that can be easy to install? also easy to maintain? and durable? Dekorea will help you!

Dekorea is a specialist flooring in Singapore. Dekorea has many designs of flooring that you need. Dekorea also offers to install flooring services to help you make your interesting floor. For more information, take a look at our website.

Introduction: What is Cushion Flooring and What are its Benefits?

Cushion flooring is one of the floorings that is a good result. Made of polyvinyl chloride, cushion flooring will long-lasting than a hardwood floor. This floor is also easy to maintain and clean. So, you don’t need to add the budget for professional cleaning services for it.

Vinyl cushion flooring is a decorated floor that is easy to install. You can measure the floor and the cushion and then fit it.

But there is the hard part is you must put the cushion to match each other on the floor as the measure to the floor can cover perfectly. But, if you need cushion floor installation, you can contact Dekorea to help you install it.

Types of Cushion Flooring to Choose From

Cushion floors have a type that you must know before you buy them. First is the tile floor, this floor is much less popular than others. This floor also only has fewer designs option than others. But, this floor is the easiest to DIY install and easy to replace wherever you want.

The second is the luxury floor, this floor is considerably more rigid and most expensive than the others. But with that cost, you will get long durable, and easy maintenance which will make you cost-effective for the long term as you still use this floor.

Then is sheet floor, this floor is very inexpensive and the best for being fully waterproof than others. Then, different than before, this floor is not easy to DIY or replace. Although that, this floor will be perfect and quick if you use professional floor installation.

What Tools Do You Need to Install Cushion Flooring?

After you find what cushion floor you need to buy. You also prepare some tools before you install cushioned floor to help you. First, you need a tape measure or folding rule, then a calculator and pencil, gloves to protect your hand, and then a cutter.

After that, you also need to prepare your floor. You can remove the cabinet that you can remove from the floor that you will put the cushion on. Then, you clean the floor and measure it. To get a perfect result when you install a cushion, you must know the measure of the floor and material and then you know how you fit that. But, if you feel it’s difficult for you, you can use install floor service from Dekorea.

How to Dekorea’s team make your floor looks different

After you prepare all this, and then how to install a cushioned floor?

Here Dekorea’s team will help you all. First, after preparing the tools and materials that will use, the next is cleaning the floor that will put the cushioned floor. You can mop the floor and then remove the things that inhibit work, including the furniture. Dekorea team also will help you.

To get perfect results all this must fit. Our team will measure the floor and the sheet floor to fit before installing it on the floor. If you use our service, our team also will prepare the tools.

After that, we start to install the sheet to the floor as a measure. If there are cabinets, you can cut the sheet to fit and we will do it for wall fringe. We also use a scrapper to remove the air bubble to make the result perfect.

After all, is done, our team also will clean the floor and return the furniture back. And that’s it. You can enjoy your new floor without bothering yourselves. Dekorea’s team will help you find the best floor that you need until installation.


Using a cushioned floor will get more benefits. This floor is highly versatile and easy to use. Made of polyvinyl chloride, cushion flooring will be long-lasting and easy to maintain. This floor also has many designs that you can try. Like wood, stone, marble, and many more.

For more information, you can visit Dekorea website, and let’s discuss with our team to get a stunning floor soon. Let’s change your floor with a cushioned floor and contact us to help you!


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