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[Project] Embracing a New Era: The Co-living Sector Redefining Modern Living

In the heart of Singapore's bustling urban landscape, a quiet revolution is taking place, and millennials are at the forefront.

The trend of co-living, once considered unconventional, has rapidly gained traction among the city-state's young and dynamic population. As the cost of living soars and the desire for greater flexibility and social connectivity grows, millennials are wholeheartedly embracing the co-living sector as the antidote to the conventional housing woes.

This phenomenon is happening not only in Singapore, but also in several countries like the United Kingdom, Netherlands, Australia and others.

Actually, staying in co-living spaces in Singapore also gives many benefits that we never get from other kinds of homes. Then, why is Singapore's co-living sector on the rise? If you want to start a co-living business, or already live in one.

We have put together how to decorate your co-living space here. Keep scrolling!

What is Co-living?

Co-living meaning to a modern housing arrangement where individuals, often with shared interests or values, reside together in a shared living space.

Co-living is short for collaborative living. Its emphasis in co-living is on fostering a sense of community, social interaction, and collaboration among residents, often facilitated by the design of the living space and communal activities.

Co-living is inspired from student housing. Students actively participated in managing and maintaining their shared housing, developing a sense of ownership and camaraderie.

This cooperative living model proved effective in providing affordable and community-oriented housing for people from various backgrounds and professions.

Then, this concept developed for modern co-living and became a trend until now.

Why is Singapore Co-living Sector on The Rise for Millenials?

Many millennials have an interest in co-living because co-living gives more benefits that can match with their life. Here are benefits that they will get if living in co-living:

  • First, co-living is much more affordable. Many millennials face the challenge of high housing costs, particularly in urban areas. Co-living offers a more budget-friendly alternative compared to renting an entire apartment or home, as expenses like rent, utilities, and often even furnishings are shared among residents.
  • Then, everyone there can make community and social interaction. Co-living spaces are designed to foster a sense of community, with shared common areas and organized events. This aligns with millennials' desire for social interaction and a sense of belonging.
  • Next, the co-living sector comes to offers with flexible lease terms. Most millennials are in condition to adapt to changing life circumstances, career opportunities, or travel plans. This flexibility suits a generation that values experiences and personal growth.
  • Also, co-living environments encourage networking and collaboration. Millennials, especially entrepreneurs and freelancers, appreciate the potential for professional connections and collaborations with fellow residents.

How to Design a Co-living Sector to Look More interesting?

Although you choose coliving as your home, decorating your room like your own is a must thing as well. Even if you live for short or long term. Here are decoration that you can try to create your special space, based on Dekorea project:

Paint Wall

Basic thing that you can do first is choosing the color of the paint for your wall. In psychology, colors are used to signal action that can be a communication tool to influence psychological reaction. For example, blue.

Blue is symbolic of freedom, inspiration, open space and sensitivity. With a blue paint, you can make your room show your personality and create a vibe like you.

In recent years, there are many kinds of blue, you can choose a blue color that matches your mood.

Wall Decor

When you use only plain color on your wall, you might get bored. To make your room more interesting, you can add wall decor.

For the co-living sector, you can choose wall decor that is easy to install, maintain and remove. With it, as a millennial that may be busy, you can take care of it without needing more effort.

You can choose a fluted panel for it. Besides transforming your room, this panel needs no more effort to maintain.

Take a look at this picture.

Simple Furniture

Living in co-living also does not need much furniture. You only need furniture that is simple but can organize your stuff and innovation. In modern design, it also can contribute to creating your atmosphere. So, with it, you must be smart when matching items with each other.

Choosing a co-living sector is also a great choice. Wherever you live, you must create your home much more comfortable for yourself, because it can contribute to your mood everyday. However, if you are confused about how to transform your room, let's discuss it with Dekorea team. We will help you to find the best decoration for your home until help to transform it. We are happy to help you to create your dream home. For more information, let's contact us!


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