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Top 5 Kitchen Designs That'll Make You Want To Redo Yours

The kitchen is one of the most important areas in your house. Not only does it contain everything that you need to prepare meals, it’s also a place for seating, storage, and get-togethers.

Essentially, the kitchen provides your household with a focus and a direction. As such, it’s important to make your kitchen look as beautiful as possible.

If you think your kitchen looks too boring or uninviting, this article is especially for you! Here are some of the best kitchen designs that’ll surely make you rethink your kitchen design and leave you itching for a makeover.

1. Color blocking


Image Credit:

Sometimes, the overall beauty of your kitchen is determined by the colors you use. If you want your kitchen to not look dull and boring, you can try out color blocking – a concept wherein colors are paired together to create high-impact and bold combinations. This is especially useful when you want to draw attention to a particular area in your kitchen.

For example, in the above kitchen design, the pink cabinet, electric blue shelves and orange walls immediately capture your attention and make the kitchen come alive.

For a similar look, you can check out these wallpapers offered by DeKorea:

      INFEEL Solid Color Block (Pink)

      INFEEL Solid Color Block (Light Aqua)

      INFEEL Solid Color Block (Light Yellow)

2. Coordinating colors

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If your kitchen has a small space, you can also play around with colors to make the room shimmer despite the limited space.

Painting your interior cabinets with a color that corresponds with an accent piece in your kitchen is an incredible way to make the room look more formal and consistent.

If you don’t like the idea of painting your interior cabinets, you can instead choose to cover them with self-adhesive laminating sheets for cabinets in Singapore. For instance, DeKorea’s Solid Color Block INFEEL stickers come in various fun solid colours that’ll definitely add charm to your kitchen.

Besides using them as wallpaper, you may also apply them on the surfaces of your cabinets, as seen in the image above. Pair this with accent chairs whose fabric is in the same color as the wallpaper for a cohesive look.

3. Stone finishing for countertops

Image Credit:


Using stone materials for your countertops is a sure way to make your kitchen look more modern and stylish. Indeed, a countertop covered in marble swirls can look a lot more chic than a plain steel countertop.

To achieve this style, you don’t necessarily have to purchase a new (and expensive) marble countertop.

Simply cover your existing countertop with an elegant marble or raw mineral stone patterned INFEEL stickers, and you’ll be able to achieve the same elegant look effortlessly.

4. Brick walls

Image Credit:

Any room in your house can be instantly transformed into a rustic space with exposed brick walls.

In fact, they function particularly well in a kitchen, where they set a cozy, welcoming vibe that will serve as the perfect backdrop for get-togethers and gatherings.

For those who don’t already have a brick wall in their kitchen but are looking into getting one for their kitchen makeover, consider this Red Brick INFEEL sticker offered by DeKorea.

5. All-black

Image Credit:

Black doesn’t always mean dark and boring. Sometimes, black can also exude elegance like the black-coloured kitchen shown above.

That stunning kitchen is covered in matte black cabinets that make it look dramatic while creating a calm mood at the same time.

To cover your kitchen in classy black colour, you can use DeKorea’s Solid Color Black INFEEL stickers.


There are plenty of things you can do to your kitchen to improve the way it looks and feels. Your kitchen is undoubtedly one of the most essential and occupied areas in your house.

As such, it’s necessary to make it look as stunning and inviting as possible. Hopefully, the designs shared in this article have inspired you to level up the appearance and atmosphere of your kitchen soon.

Should you need help redesigning and renewing your kitchen at home, DeKorea is the brand you can count on!

We offer a diverse array of interior design materials that’ll surely upgrade your kitchen and other rooms in an instant, spanning from fluted panel feature walls and toilet wall stickers to vinyl floor sheets and PVC floor skirting in Singapore. Feel free to browse our website or contact us to learn more.


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