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5 Designs Make Your Kitchen Backsplash More Stunning

Kitchen backsplash is an important part because it can protect the kitchen walls from various types of dirt. Kitchen walls are often exposed to splashes of water, spices or other liquids.

Without special protection, these splashes will leave stains that are difficult for us to clean and make the kitchen dirty.  Apart from protecting the walls, a kitchen backsplash can also enhance the appearance of the kitchen interior.

We certainly often spend time in the kitchen to make food and drinks.

With a kitchen backsplash, you can be more excited and comfortable doing activities in the kitchen..

Kitchen backsplash is becoming a popular part now as an expression of your kitchen design. Adding a kitchen tile wall to your home provides a functional and beautiful focal point.

The kitchen backsplash will be a support for your kitchen design theme shines even more. With a kitchen backsplash design, you can be creative to create the design according to what you want.

You can freely combine the styles, colors and textures. With this backsplash appearance, you can renovate your kitchen more easily and affordably.

The kitchen is also a family gathering place that will attract attention. With a unique backsplash appearance, it will add to your confidence as a homeowner.

Choose Your Kitchen Backsplash Design

In addition to beautifying the appearance, you must maximize the function of the kitchen when designing it. This will make it easier for you to do your activities in the kitchen.

Transforming the whole kitchen can be costly and time-consuming. For that, you can use practical decorations for your kitchen. Backsplash is made of various materials, such as ceramic, stone and glass which are usually popular.

However, by reducing the budget, some people recommend using an adhesive backsplash. Here we will provide various kitchen backsplash design ideas for you.

1. Tile Kitchen Backsplash Design 

Backsplash tile designs are very popular in Singapore. This kitchen backsplash will give your kitchen a livelier impression. 

Apart from that, this design can also make it easier for you to maintain and install it. You just have to pay attention to the sidelines of the splashed tile trim.

The colors make the kitchen look more colorful and fun.  But if you don't want to add a lot of coloring, you can use a subway tile design that forms ceramics with brick motifs that are neatly arranged with a plain texture.

This tile effect will create a beautiful and clear theme.

2. Glass Kitchen Backsplash Design  

Glass backsplash makes the kitchen brighter because of the light reflection.

This kitchen backsplash design also gives a fairly neutral look. With this kitchen glass backsplash, you can use displays in any color in the kitchen.

This design also gives a clean impression and makes it easier for you to see the splashed dirt so you can clean it right away.

3. Marble Kitchen Backsplash  

Using marble for a kitchen backsplash is the best choice because it has a smooth and slippery texture. However, using genuine marble backsplash certainly costs a lot of time and money.

Therefore we recommend that you replace it with a marble lamination sticker. Even though it's not real marble, these laminated stickers are very safe to protect your kitchen walls.

Therefore, we recommend that you replace it with a marble lamination sticker. Even though it's not real marble, these laminated stickers are very safe to protect your kitchen walls.

Your kitchen backsplash will still look more luxurious and glamorous. You can feel the sensation of your expensive kitchen with this backsplash.

4. Kompac Plus Wood Kitchen Backsplash 

Wood kitchen backsplash gives a warm impression to your kitchen. We don’t recommend you to use real wood as a kitchen backsplash because it is easy to burn.

If you have more budget, you can use a Kompacplus. Kompacplus is a patterned panel like real wood. These panels are durable and scratch resistant.

With kompacplus materials, you can use it in various places such as floors, walls, and furniture. However, kompacplus has a limited design and not many choices.

This compact plus can also easily fade if exposed to sunlight for a long time.

5. Brick Kitchen Backsplash Design   

Brick backsplash for the kitchen gives a modern look with an irregular texture. This brick pattern gives the impression of a kitchen that is close to nature and feels cooler.

This 3D texture theme gives a beautiful attractive aesthetic. The concept with this kitchen backsplash design is suitable for your kitchen that carries a semi-outdoor concept. 

The combination of beautiful natural wallpapers will provide a stunning natural concept. The coloring of this brick texture also varies with sizes that you can adjust to your kitchen theme.

Get the Best Kitchen Backsplash in Singapore

The type and material for the kitchen backsplash must be considered carefully. Because if you ignore it, it will cause losses and even hazards such as fire.

The existence of a backsplash in the kitchen is very important for long use. So you have to choose materials that are certainly not easily damaged and of high quality.

Choosing a high quality backsplash will be a good investment for your kitchen. 

You can use various types of backsplash that you can adjust to your budget.

We recommend that you get a variety of affordable backsplash designs for your kitchen. Dekorea offers a variety of kitchen backsplash designs with laminated stickers to add uniqueness to the design.

You can also find out a variety of modern designs for your cabinet designs with laminate stickers in this article. You can use self-adhesive sticker materials for your kitchen backsplashes that work instantly.

Dekorea provides removable self-adhesive materials that will not damage your kitchen walls. Visit our website and contact us for more information.


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