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[Project] 4 Reasons Why Interior Design is the Key to Co-Living Development

In recent years, a new trend in housing has emerged, reshaping the way we live and interact with others.

Co-living, a modern take on communal living, has gained popularity among individuals seeking more than just a place to reside. It is a lifestyle choice that fosters connection, community, and a shared sense of belonging.

Co-living is a communal living concept of sharing houses that you can usually rent for a long or short period. Co-living is also an option with facilities that are quite diverse from other accommodations.

Why do Co-living Design Interiors  have to be Attractive?

Co-living is accommodation that is quite flexible with various places such as houses to apartments that you can design as best as possible.

In a fast-paced urban world, co-living has emerged as a revolutionary solution to modern housing needs. These co-living arrangements offer affordability, comfort, and a sense of community that traditional housing often lacks.

However, behind the busy business center there is one important element that determines its success, namely interior design.

Thoughtful interior design can create spaces that encourage interaction, engagement between residents, and give big influence on visitor interest. Below are reasons why you should pay attention to your co-living design interior.

1. Attracting and Retaining Residents

The first reason to beautify a co-living interior design is to increase customer attraction. Co-living providers operate in a competitive market.

A well-designed interior can be a powerful marketing tool, attracting potential residents, and encouraging current residents to stay longer. This is an investment in the long-term success of the community.

2. Looks Clean and Neat

A good co-living design can create a neat and clean room. The cleanliness and tidiness of co-living is the choice of many people because they can be calmer when staying in your co-living for a long time.

A good design also helps you cover up dirty walls and make them look new again.

3. High Resale Value

A coliving design concept will provide better selling value. Visitors will feel that your co-living offers the right price.

They might even think you are offering cheap co-living with the appearance of a five-star hotel. Visitors will consider your co-living as a great choice for long stays.

4. Durable Interior

Interior design is not just about aesthetics or creating a pleasant ambiance.

It holds a key importance in ensuring the longevity of the co-living building and minimizing excessive costs. By investing in well-executed interior design, co-living operators can save substantial amounts of money in the long run.

Moreover, efficient resource management helps to reduce utility bills and increase sustainability, offering both environmental and financial benefits.

Let’s Make the Best Co-living Design Interior  with Dekorea!

Interior design is important to attract visitors' attention and will increase its quality value.

One thing you can do is use the best materials for your co-living space. This will make customers feel confident in the accommodation you have.

With a quality design made from premium materials, it will also help you save time and money for a long time. Here, you can see Dekorea's project in changing co-living designs to be more modern.

Laminate stickers are decorations that can add a charming impression to your co-living interior. The room will feel neater and more luxurious, adding to the essence of value in co-living.

For example, combining kitchen cabinets with black laminate stickers with a white marble pattern on the dining table will give an expensive impression to co-living.

You can also use this wall sticker in various rooms, including the bathroom, bedroom, or living room. You can cover some surfaces with Dekorea wall stickers, including furniture and give a matching impression to each room.

So, you don't need to be difficult to combine the pattern or color of your walls with furniture.

Fluted panels are a wall decoration that will help provide a unique accent on the co-living toilet wall. This fluted panel is very suitable for you to place in various places in the room.

One of them is in the bedroom to give the impression of a room like a luxurious five-star hotel. You can also adjust the color combination to suit the needs of the room conditions.

Dekorea is the solution for finding various fluted panel design patterns to decorate co-living spaces. Fluted panels from Dekorea are also made from premium quality materials to add a perfect impression to your co-living.

Paint is also a simple decoration for you to use as a first step to beautify your co-living. However, choosing the wrong paint will make the room feel stuffy and full.

Dekorea could be an option for you to get paint with soft colors that don't dazzle the eye. Colive rooms will also feel more spacious and fresh. You can also adjust paint from Dekorea to suit various room themes or the furniture you have.

Paint from Dekorea is also safe because it is made from odorless water and long-lasting.

Wainscoting is also a wall panel that you can use as a decoration that increases the value of your co-living.

Wainscoting tends to have a simple style but provides a unique visual to combine with your plain walls. This wall molding from Dekorea is made from high-quality polystyrene material and is certified as safe and family-friendly.

A matching bathroom floor also looks neater and cleaner. Usually, many people don't care about the bathroom floor. With a beautiful and matching decoration, it will give a pleasant bathing sensation.

Dekorea is the solution for you to get co-living decorations that match the bathroom theme you want. Floors from Dekorea are also specially designed and multifunctional.

Bathroom floors from Dekorea are made from the best materials, which are comfortable for cold shocks after showering and make the floor safer because they are not slippery.

So, are you interested in creating the best co-living design interior? Dekorea products are very diverse with high quality for you to use. It has an affordable price and is also easy to maintain.

Dekorea also provides installation services by a professional team. You can also consult with the interior designer team to discuss the desired design.

Dekorea also has many projects and collaborations to provide the best decorations. Takeaways now! And contact us for further information.


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