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Steal the Look from “BLACKPINK” Studio to Decorate Your Home

Decorating the home is a fun part when having a home to maintain.

In this era, you can steal from anywhere to create inspiration for your new design. You can take from your favorite drama, your favorite colors, designs, or your favorite girl band. For example, you can steal the look of the popular girl band from Korea, BLACKPINK. 

Not only their fashion, but you can also steal designs from their studio. How to get it? Keep scrolling!

What is BLACKPINK and How to Get Inspiration from it?

Recently, the girl band BLACKPINK is popular in the world. They often tour for their concert to wave to their fans. This Korean girl band succeeds to steal the attention of many people.

From childhood until a mother amazed them. Blackpink also influences many people to imitate their style. The fashion of each member managed to sell out. Take a look at BLACKPINK style fashion.

Besides their fashion, you can steal their decoration studio for decorating your home. Their studio design has a good taste to try in your home.

To inspire you here are decoration home ideas from BLACKPINK that you can try.

Create your Living Room Looks Like BLACKPINK Studio

The first look from one of their popular music ‘du du du’. In the visual audio, part showed them in the room that has glamour impressed.

Combining the black and soft pink colors of the design is suit for study room ideas.

Then put suitable flooring to make the room look perfect. You can steal the look of BLACKPINK studio for your inspiration to make your room look glamorous.

Pinky Stairs is A Good Idea as Good

Then, if you looking for ideas for your stairs design, you can steal this design. The music visual of 'as if it's your last show' part of Jennie in front of the stairs.

These pinky stairs can you used as an anti-mainstream stairs design. Combining brave pink, soft pink, and gray for your stairs area make your room look eye-catching.

Colorful The Room Makes it More Cheerful

For blink, if you want to try something cheerful design ideas for your room, you probably can steal this colorful design.

The music video ice cream featuring Selena Gomez uses the theme of cheerfulness. Playing with the color of the video can inspire bright room ideas.

One of the scenes is when members of BLACKPINK are in a room with a colorful design. Combining pink, yellow, and blue are a good color to make your room look cheerful.

Light Color for The Front House, Why Not?

Not only the interior, but you must also pay attention to your exterior design.Exterior design for your home also can influence people to be interested in your home.

From BLACKPINK studio, here is color wall inspiration for the front house.

For the exterior, you can combine dark purple and light pink or orange and light yellow.

This different way is rarely to do common people. Then, you can also put a grass deck with a green impression.

BLACKPINK Kitchen Is Also You Can Try!

Then, after exploring the living room, stairs area, and exterior, the important part of the home that you must pay attention to is the kitchen.

Because the kitchen is a main part of the house, besides a place for producing food, in the kitchen you can also come together with your family or friends, so you need to design the kitchen as comfortably as possible. You can try this kitchen design idea that is dominant in pink.

To make the room not too bright, you can put black color in some areas.


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