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[Project] Update Old Furniture on Nursery Room with Korea Noroo Paint

Are you looking to give your old furniture a fresh new look? One easy and affordable way to transform it is by giving it a makeover with Korea Noroo Paint. Not only is painting furniture a budget-friendly option, but it's also a great way to add style to your home decor.

This blog will cover the steps to makeover your old furniture with paint and tips and tricks for achieving a professional finish. So whether you have an outdated dresser, a scratched-up coffee table, or a worn-out set of chairs, a coat of paint can work wonders.

Let's get started!

Toy Cabinet and Bookshelf Before Painting

Although the toy cabinet is already attractive, we would like to give the nursery a more classic white aesthetic. To achieve this, we will need to change the color of the toy cabinet with paint.


Also, we want to repaint this yellow bookshelf.

Installation Process

First, we need to lay the vinyl on the floor and prepare it for painting. Wipe the dirt off the surface with a damp cloth and remove all the cabinet drawers.

After cleaning the furniture surface, we want to apply gesso and let it dry for 3 hours.

And then, we can paint the Noroo Paint Multi Paint 2 times. With two coats, it is a perfect color development for your furniture. 

Finish the final coating with varnish, and voila~ you're done. Soon& Soo's water-based varnish has been certified as eco-friendly. It's a clear coating for paint finishes that protects the surface from scratches and dirt.

If you don’t have time to DIY, our team is here to help with our professional paint service. As a special promotion for the new year, we offer free paint with a minimum purchase of $300. Let us transform your space exactly how you envision it. Don't hesitate.

This promotion is only available at the beginning year of 2023! You can WhatsApp here to make a quotation~

Toy Cabinet and Bookshelf After Painting

The white bookshelf is the perfect addition to the white-themed kid's room. Its clean and crisp appearance enhances the overall look and feel of the space, creating a cohesive and polished aesthetic.

If you have a nursery that tends to feel cluttered with many toys, unifying the color of the walls and furniture can help create a sense of order and make the space feel more organized.

This can be especially effective if you choose a light and airy color like white, as it can help to visually open up the room and make it feel less crowded.

With Korea Noroo Paint. You can easily makeover your old room with a brand new color without cost much.

Noroo Paint's representative circulation paint, Soon & Su Multi, has an antibacterial mark, and This product has obtained an eco-friendly certification mark. Therefore, even in the space where children live, You can use it confidently anytime~


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