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A Symphony of Style: Unveiling Taylor Swift Concerts as a Muse for Interior Design

The Eras tour is the sixth Taylor Swift concert around the world that she does after this American singer-songwriter released her last albums, in 2019 to 2020.

This tour will be held until 2024 with 'unbelievable fans'. If you are her fans, you will relate to how excited this news can be. 

Her popularity truly shows, as she extended her concert in several countries. For example, the Taylor Swift concert in Singapore. It will be held for 6 days!

In every concert, beside she show her stunning performance, she also use special costume that make all fans pay attention. The beautiful costume, in many colors, made her performance totally perfect.

So, for you Taylor Swift's fans that don't want to make your memories just on your mind in a Taylor Swift concert, you can decorate your room with a Taylor Swift costume concert color that you like and wanna make more memories with.

Here is the inspiration, keep scrolling down!

Light Yellow, Why Not?

Yellow costume that Taylor wears in her concert is really beautiful. The yellow color looks fresh and more cheerful, moreover looks more beautiful when Taylor wears it. If you want to make your room like it, feel the costum is impressed you, you can create your room stunning with this color.

You can decorate with your picture that you take during the concert in frame, then you organize the frame on the wall to look tidy and more interesting.

Soft Color with Purple

Then, one stunning costume that Taylor wears in her concert is this purple dress. Using a calm purple color, it is suitable for your room.

This color is often associated with luxury, ambition, romance and peace. With the wonderful means of color, maybe it can be the reason why Taylor wears this dress for opening her concert. To show her personality, that she looks luxury, ambition, more lovely and peaceful.

This color can help make your sleep quality better. The peace of this color also can influence your mood as well. It will be a beautiful room with perfect decoration.

Peaceful Feel using Green

The green dress with blink that Taylor wore also stole the attention of all her fans. The color looks perfect when she wears it on her body with simple makeup. Moreover, when she sings August songs that maybe relate with your life, it can be memories that you love.

This color is also suitable if you want to add this to decorate your space. To remind you, when Taylor wears this color dress, and she sings your favorite song, then you put Taylor picture of Taylor on the wall. How lovely!

Lovely Red

One of her songs that is popular is Red. This song she wrote because she felt it was hard to forget someone. She felt the emotion that is involved with them can be so intense emotion is red. Because of this song as well, her album 'Red' (like her song), changed.

She felt most of the red emotion when making this album. She felt the happy and angry end of the spectrum, and it made her outlook change. This song is really precious to her. And comparable to her efforts, many people also enjoy this song.

Coloring your room with red, also a good idea. Red symbolizes joy, sexuality, passion, sensitivity and love. You can combine red with other colors that light to cover your room. Like chocolate, green, blue or gray.

To be honest, coloring your room also makes you happy. Besides, you can put your own, you also have a decoration that has special memories or your personality.

However, if you have no time to paint your room, or you can't paint your wall, you can call Dekorea team wall paint service for it. Also, you can choose what's your favorite color paint with multi-purpose paint on the Dekorea website!

Let's make your memories of the Taylor Swift concerts long lasting in your room!


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